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What is QuickBooks?

Actually QuickBooks is an accounting software package who helps small & medium – sized business and this software also can be used by on-premises business like online marketers etc. This is as well as we can say as cloud based version too. By this original software business persons can be benefited and an also get guidance about how to make business payments as well as vice versa accept business payments, managing & payment of the bills, and can manage function of the payrolls too.

History of the QuickBooks :-

The accounting software package call QuickBooks is developed and marketed by Intuits. Initially Intuit was founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. It is based in Mountain View, California, United States of America. Basically when it was started its based on DOS version which was based on Quicken Codebase.

What are the products of QuickBooks Software package?

There are so many products in QuickBooks software package e.g., QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Self Employed, QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, Checks & Supplies, QuickBooks Point of Sale,QuickBooks Contact us, TSheets by QuickBooks, QuickBooks backup etc.

What are the basic features of QuickBooks?

Customers really should know what the useful features of QuickBooks are. Those are Track Income & Expenses, Invoice & Accept payments, Minimize Tax Deductions, Track Miles, Run Reports, Send Estimates, Track Sales & Sales Tax, manage Bills, Multiple Users, Track Time, Track Inventory, Manage 1099 Contractors, Payment of Employees, Get Capital, book keeping, Bank Reconciliation, Reporting, scan receipt, create invoice, progress invoicing etc.

Usefulness of this Software Package :-

This software basically is very popular amongst small scale, medium scale & online business owners. For using this package nobody need to be taken any formal accounting training.  It’s very easy to use for non-commercial persons too. That’s why this software acquired 85% of the market in small, medium & online business industries.

Practically who will get benefited from this software?

Basically small scale business firm, medium sized business firm, wholesalers, retailers, manufactures, contractors, professional service firms and non-profit seeking firms, online marketers and business owners, multiple business owners etc.

What type of benefit can be procured from this package software?

Most important benefit everyone can be availed that is it can be manage or access from any computer, smart phone, laptop and tablet.

It can access through Microsoft outlook, Outlook Express, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, Safari 6.1, and also accessible via Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS 7. One may also access QuickBooks Online via an iPhone, a BlackBerry, and an Android web app

And now comes about the main functionality that servers us most conveniently –

1) remote access capabilities

2) remote payroll assistance and outsourcing

3) electronic payment functions

4) online banking and reconciliation

5) mapping features through integration with Google Maps

6) marketing options through Google

7) improved e-mail functionality through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express

8) import from Excel spreadsheets

9) additional employee time tracking options

10) pre-authorization of electronic funds and other new Help functions.

11) Create and send professional GST invoices

12) Get ready to use GST reports

13) Design and create professional quotations

14) Track sales, invoices, supplier bills and payments

15) Track cash flows with P&L and balance sheet

16) Import transactions automatically by using bank connect

17) Create budgets and purchase orders

18) Includes free updates and new features

19) Access to open APIs as per your business needs

20) Create access privileges so that your colleague or accountant can login and work with your data online

21) Know exactly how much money you have and how much you owe at any moment – your data is synced and backed up automatically

22) Canada’s GSTHST or PST sales tax, European VAT for the United Kingdom edition and Australia’s GST, sales tax etc.

Why customer will purchase our product?

First of all we must give big thanks for our magnificent QuickBooks Customer Support team. In other words we can say our QuickBooks Customer Service executives are world’s best technicians who can solve any problem without blinking eye lash. They are highly experienced, qualified and intelligent. They are always gives after sales support on time with effortless meanwhile.

How the QuickBooks Customer Support Service serves the best :-

QuickBooks Customer Support personals gives support anywhere or any part of the world 24 x 7 x 365 days round the year. So there is no need to be worried about QuickBooks Customer Support individuals. QuickBooks Contact Number is +1-888-860-8999.  This is toll free. Any time you can call.The agents of QuickBooks Service Support Service are always ready to help the customer any time to release the consumer’s pain if he or she gets stuck.

What do QuickBooks Tech Support agents do?

There are some FAQ and product article for troubleshooting. If still not got over from the problem then there are QuickBooks Tech Support agents to talk to you for solving the problems. And of course there are some QuickBooks Technical Support experts who can give the customer a good, effective crash course with detailed and personalized advice. There are online QuickBooks tutorials also. From there anyone can learn from online tutorials even he or she not might be commercial personnel.

How this QuickBooks Customer Support team saves your money and time?

As this software is not so very expensive on the contrary it is very pocket friendly too. So the QuickBooks Customer Support team is also very compatible mostly. They are very convenient also. If there is any problem but the customer cannot get in the QuickBooks Customer Care service center then they can get online help. Like by chats, E-mails or phone etc. we can use for asking help from QuickBooks Tech Supportv expert technicians. Like this support consumer can save their money and time too.

When to contact QuickBooks support for purchasing the software?

If any person want to purchase this awesome software then he or she must call @ QuickBooks Contact Number which is +1-888-860-8999 This is also toll free number from Monday to Thursday 8.30 am to 7.30 pm & on Friday 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. At least if anyone wants to test this software before purchasing them also can call for test drive for 15 – 30 days. There is a little bit amounts which have to pay for this $26.95 per month. At present there is no free version available for use. So please try once you won’t regret.

Conclusion about the QuickBooks software package

As the QuickBooks software is very easy and convenient to use so most of the individuals and small or medium business owners like to use this package software. It’s reduces average cost on savings per invoice. By this apps anyone can paid or collect payments, make or send invoice from anywhere. It also minimizes fraudulence, errors on collect or making payments by this original software. This QuickBooks software really helps in growing anyone’s business. It’s also gives a clear view of inventory, payments, banking transactions, billing details, expenses, incomes, taxes etc.